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In June 2011, Souter Investments launched a new intercity express coach business in Poland.

The model is based on successful and fast growing transport businesses operating in the UK, USA and Canada, adapted for the Polish and European markets.

The network currently comprises eight routes which serve Poland’s biggest cities as well as Berlin, Bratislava, Prague and Vienna, from a hub in Warsaw. More routes are scheduled and will be added in 2012.

As a result of a long-term relationship with Stagecoach and the experience gained in running the websites (UK, US, Canada), kraya was asked to create and maintain the website.

Like, this operation involves high demand e-commerce transactions which require 24x7 services and provides reliability and scalability.

What We Did

The development of the whole website was assigned to kraya. This meant creating the front-end, in addition to providing a Ticketing System and the infrastructure.

krayativity worked closely with klaklak, a digital agency, on the look and functionality of the website. They, then, integrated the front-end to the Ticketing System, using the built-in Web Services interface.

krayamatics built the Ticketing System based on the platform and customized it for the Polish market, in compliance with Polish Law.

krayanet used their experience with to analyse SHP’s needs and to dimension the system accordingly. The infrastructure deploys a number of failsafe, parallel, clustering and scaling technologies to ensure full support of the booking system.


The system has been up and running since June 2011. The launch of the website did cause some disruption as the demand far exceeded any expectations that the client had. However, since then, there has not been any major disruption. Since January 2012, the number of Google visits averages to around 20,000 a day, and reached 64,000 (104,000 on launch). In total, over 700,000 passengers have been transported so far, with an average of 1,200 bookings made every day.

At present, the size of the system is nowhere near that of but will be able to scale up and respond to the expansion of the network and the traffic load increase.

Features are being added on an on-going basis, from cosmetic changes to new pieces of functionality.

The monitoring of the system on a 24x7 basis has ensured minimum downtime since launch.