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Megabus Canada




krayamatics built and supported the Megabus websites from when Stagecoach launched the venture back in 2003 to 2012.  However, due to the rapidly expanding journey network, a need was identified to develop a more powerful, robust and flexible ticketing application.  This was to be able to cope with the ever increasing demands of a system handling millions of dollars worth of ticket sales every year and to support new functionalities.

What We Did

krayamatics used the opportunity to design a new back-end system from the ground up.  We used cutting-edge technologies to build an enterprise service oriented (SOA) application API to enable a seamless connection to the website front end. The design and implementation took into account the continued anticipated growth of the customer base over the a ten year period.
krayanet successfully analysed and dimensioned Megabus needs.  The infrastructure deployed a number of failsafe, parallel, clustering and scaling technologies to ensure full support of the ticket booking system. If any part of the architecture failed, the rest will isolate it to enable continuity of service, and as demand grew, the infrastructure grew to match.


The first phase of the project, the Megabus Canada site (, successfully went live on time and on budget in November 2009. The US and UK sites followed in early 2010.

The krayamatics's solution was a fully scalable, future-proof system utilising multiple application and database servers to efficiently manage tens of thousands of transactions daily.