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Online transport ticketing systems

We specialise in the production, maintenance and oversight of online ticketing systems for the Coach industry, specifically for companies operating Inter-City routes.

What do we deliver?

We have developed ticketing systems for some of the largest names in bus transportation in the UK, Europe and North America (Stagecoach, Polskibus and Megabus). We have been involved from initial development to the creation of large systems capable of dealing with hundreds of thousands of online enquiries with significant daily ticket sales.

Built into our system is a unique pricing structure which adjusts route ticket prices to meet your requirements. This ensures that every passenger receives the best priced ticket for their journey. The development of this system has been the backbone of the growth and expansion witnessed by our clients.

We are also able to offer a full web based solution including the front-end website and infrastructure which, coupled to the ticketing system, provides a bespoke, on-line package suited to your business.

How can we help your business?

Our expertise in developing such ticketing systems will mean that your customers can find the best price for their journey compared to your competition and can pay for their ticket online. This saves you the cost of managing ticket offices, your customers do not have to queue to buy or collect reserved tickets and your drivers do not deal with ticket sales.

As you will appreciate, for reasons of confidentiality, we cannot provide statistics regarding the systems built for other clients. However one client issued press releases stating that they carried over 175,000 passengers in their first three months since launch and within one year celebrated carrying their millionth passenger.

Recognisable benefits for you and your customers

Your website will deliver a straight through process to your customers from the selection of the route through to ticket purchase. Customer satisfaction will increase and you will have the facility to adjust prices to ensure maximum capacity on your routes.

You will gain increases in efficiency and will have an improved ability to develop your business into new areas using a straight forward process of adding new routes to the system. Making instant route updates will mean that you can react to any changes which may affect your business.

Websites that we have provided to other transport companies are attracting advertising from non-transport related businesses in the cities where passengers arrive. For example, discount offers at attractions which their owners are paying to have highlighted on our sites after ticket sales are completed.

The system is fully supported with oversight at kraya being provided by dedicated staff.

The Future?

We have grown and achieved significant success initially within the UK and now in other countries. We are actively looking for partners now that our systems have been proven to deliver excellent sales, increased capacity and efficiency. We can work with you towards a common goal of increasing the use of your service.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that an initial discussion or meeting may be the start of a mutually beneficial journey.

Contact: Nadine Fabre (Project Manager)

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